5 Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Landscaped Garden

The outdoor space at your property is important. Get it right and it will add value to your home too. And we’ve got five great ideas!

#1 Sort the lawn out

Have you noticed how some lawns are very green, very lush looking and almost bouncy to walk on? A lush, green lawn is a joy to behold and you may think that this takes a lot of time and effort.

It’s important to use the right grass seed for your garden. Some type of grass is tougher than others and you also want one that is either great for full sun, partial shade and so on.

Rake it over every now and then to remove detritus clogging it, water it and feed it and you have the perfect, green lawn that you have always wanted.

One more tip: don’t mow the lawn too short either!

#2 Get multifunctional

Just like different rooms in your home have different designs to support the activities completed in each, you need to do the same for your garden.

Different designed zones in your garden are perfect for when you want to dine alfresco, entertain in the garden and for the kids to play.

As well as a grassed area, consider adding a patio as well as a play area for the kids.

#3 Add a garden room

Adding a standalone building to your garden is a great way of being able to use it all year round. There are various options to choose from including a garden pavilion that will add loads more usable space to the garden as well as the wow factor.

If you don’t have the space but want a garden building in which items can be stored then a garden shed would make a great addition. A smaller shed can be located inconspicuously in the corner of the garden but will make its presence felt in that items can be stored away, keeping your garden looking today.

#4 Create a seating area in the garden

The garden is a valuable outdoor space but many of us are still constrained by what we think a garden should be. Why stick with a lawn and flowers borders if what you want is an outdoor living space where you can relax and enjoy time with the family.

As well as a garden pavilion, why not add an informal seating area with outdoor furniture? If you dine alfresco make this a dining table and chairs but if you enjoy relaxing, reading a book, chatting with friends and family, then an informal seating area will work just as well.

#5 Get savvy with outdoor accessories

From speakers to lighting, there are various ways to add smart technology to the garden. More of us are realising the value of the garden as an outdoor lounge and so speakers to play music or even a projector and screen to create an outdoor cinema experience is worthwhile exploring and will certainly add kerb appeal!

The outdoor space at your property is important. Get it right and it will add value to your home too. And we’ve got five great ideas!



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