An Expert Guide to Adding a Garden Room

Adding a building to your garden is easy, right?! It can be but choose the wrong style and size or place it in the wrong spot and it can spell disaster. Here’s how to get it right.

STEP 1 – Consider how much you will use it

Top of the list is what you intend using the garden building for and how often you think you will use it. A playroom for the kids is a great idea and although it will be well used in the summer, for the majority of the year it could be unused and unloved. A small playroom would be the ideal option, for example.

But if you plan on working in it all year round, then opting for a larger garden office makes sense.

STEP 2 – Consider cost

If you are planning a garden building, there are costs that you need to bear in mind. Essentially, this will dictate the size of garden building you can opt for within the confines of your budget;

  • The base – for a garden building to be study and secure, it needs to be on a well-built and appropriate plinth or platform.
  • The building itself – costs vary depending on size, material and whether the building is glazed or not.
  • Insulation – if you plan on using the building all year round, insulation will be essential. Costs vary depending on the type you choose.
  • Heating – heating will also be essential if you are planning on using it during the winter months. There are various options from electric heaters to wood burners.
  • Flooring and decoration – you may choose to clad the inside with boards and then paint, and you will also want to add flooring. Again, costs will vary depending on the materials you choose.

As well as these costs, you will also want to consider build costs. You may choose to build your garden building yourself or opt for professional installation.

STEP 3 – Planning permission

In most cases, where a garden room is a single storey and within certain dimensions planning permission will not be needed but always check beforehand.

However, if the room is very large or you plan on using it as a dwelling, you will need planning permission. This clearly adds cost and time to your garden building project.

STEP 4 – Maintenance

A good quality garden building made from tanalised timber will withstand the weather for many years to come and with only the minimum of maintenance.

However, it will appreciate being stained or painted from time to time, another factor you will need to bear in mind.

STEP 5 – The right location

With all these factors considered and addressed, you now need to decide where in your garden the best place for your cabin or studio is.

In full sun, it will get plenty of light and warmth but may be too hot in summer. In partial shade may be the better answer although the right location will also depend on what you want to use it for too.

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Had garden room built by Patrick & The Team.

Build quality is great, materials are high quality and team were lovely.

Suzanne Reid - September 2020


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