What are the Best Heating Solutions for a Garden Room?

The beauty of investing in a garden room is that it could potentially be used all year round. From enjoying the warmth of summer to watching it fade through to autumn, to the grey of winter and the green of spring beyond. But enjoying the garden room in winter can be problematic when you don’t have effective heating in it. Just what are the options?

Whether you enjoy it as a garden office or opt to use it as an occasional hobby room, heating it for use in winter is important. There are many options;

Electric heaters

If you don’t want a blazing heat in your garden room, opting for background heat with an electric heater is a great idea. Oil-filled electric heaters are cost-effective to run but really need to be run continuously to get the most from them. For the larger garden room, you’ll need a larger heater, but you may still find it a bit nippy if the winter temperatures drop below zero.

Great for a gentle background heat overnight when the temperatures are very cold but can be expensive to run.

Underfloor heating

Like electric heaters, underfloor heating is perfect for a continuous supply of gentle, background heat. Electric underfloor heating is simple and easy to fit and works well with most flooring types. That said, it can be expensive to run so check how efficient your chosen underfloor heating is.

Again, a great heat source for continuous heat but expensive to run.

Wood burner

Can you think of anything better than a roaring fire in a wood-burning stove whilst enjoying a cold winter’s day in the garden room? If this is what you dream off, then the heat given off from a wood-burning stove is perfect. However, it can be fiddly – you’ll need a plentiful supply of wood – and you’ll need to clean the stove from time to time too. But the heat given off is perfect!

Great for providing a high level of heat but can be fiddly to maintain.

Gas heater

A gas heater is also an option. There are some stylish portable gas heaters that work with a canister of gas. They give off a great amount of heat and the canister can last a long time. However, with a naked, unguarded flame they shouldn’t be left unattended. And some people can find them smelly and also leave a lot of condensation in the garden room too.

A great source of heat but can lead to condensation in the garden room.


As well as considering which heat source is right for your garden room and for your budget, you also need to hang on to as much as the heat as possible. And that means making sure the insulation of the floor, walls and ceiling is the best it can be. This way, no matter what heating system you choose the shed will retain as much heat as it possibly can, making heating your garden room cost-effective.



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