Can You Use a Garden Home Office in Winter?

Winter is weeks away but whilst we enjoy the last few days of autumn, you may be wondering if you can really make the garden home office work in winter. We take a look at how to make your garden home office the perfect creative base whether it is snowing outside or glorious sunshine!

Keep it warm

If you plan on using your garden home office in winter, you’ll need a source of heat. There are many different options, all of which comes in at different price points;

  • Electric heater – this is a great solution for keeping a background heat in the garden home office, perfect if you have electrical items that you don’t want to get cold. You could leave it on overnight or as a gentle heat when the temperature hasn’t dropped too low. Works well but make sure you have your electrical systems professionally installed. An oil-filled radiator is easy on the budget but to get maximum efficiency, the heater needs to run continuously.
  • Wood-fired stove – as well as logs, you could also burn coal in this kind of stove or some of the biomass pellets are also an option depending on the type you invest in. Giving off a fierce heat, this is perfect in a larger garden home office in winter. As well as the cost of the stove itself, you’ll need to adapt your garden home office which may require the services of a professional. That said, a wood-burning stove is a sheer delight and very luxurious!
  • Gas heater – the cheapest option on the list, a gas heater that used gas canisters is perfect for when you want a localised source of heat. But gas can leave the interior of your garden home office damp so you may find that you warm but condensation covers the inside of your windows. A cheap solution, a gas heater is great for when you need lots of heat and fast.

Make it look warm

The sense of being warm is not just about the heat source in the garden home office in winter but about making it look warm. And that means creating an interior that is full of texture and detail but without clutter.

Add throws and cushions to sofas or armchairs in the garden home office, as well as an extra layer on your desk chair, if you have one. Use colours with arm tones like red, orange, rich yellow and cream.

Add a rug

A rug adds warmth in two ways – in texture and appeal, as well as a physical layer of insulation on the floor. But don’t make a common mistake by opting for a rug that is too small. Measure the floor and choose a rug that is only just a little smaller, leaving a smaller gap around the edge of the room and the rug. You’ll find it makes an instant difference to your garden home office.

Add window dressings

From pull-down blinds to curtains, adding window dressings is a great way of adding colour, texture and insulation too. When the nights draw in and you want to create a cosy space to work in, curtains are just perfect.

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