Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Shed Base

If you are opting to create the shed base yourself, you’ll need to make sure you build a base that will adequately support the garden building you plan on placing on it. But when it comes to building a base, what do you need to make sure you include and what should you avoid?

DO plan the base

Before you do anything, you need to plan the base so that you take into account everything you need to. This way, when your new garden building arrives, you have everything in place which makes building it and enjoying it quick, simple and easy.

For example, as well as location, you’ll also need to accurately measure out the base so that the garden building fits perfectly. You should make it slightly larger than the shed base so that there is a lip around the edge to protect the base of the shed from rotting by sitting directly on the grass.

DON’T place the shed directly on grass or another porous surface

The wooden base of a garden building should be protected from moisture as much as possible. The more you do so, the longer the garden base will last and that means, your investment in your garden building will last longer too.

DO consider all the options for base material

There are several options when it comes to shed base materials;

  • Concrete – a concrete plinth is great for a garden shed base as it can be easily levelled but you will need some specialist equipment such as a concrete mixer which you can either buy or hire. However, laying your own concrete base can be hard work and so investing in a concrete pouring service from a local company would make sense.
  • Paving slabs – paving slabs can also make a great base but again, they can be hard work to lay especially to get completely level. Some people opt for a local landscaping service to complete theirs.

There are other options too, something which we can talk you through when you buy a garden building from us.

DON’T skimp of the garden building base

In your excitement to build your garden cabin to be able to use it, it can be tempting to rush the garden base. The problem is that it may not be level or worse still, accelerate the rotting of the base.

DO build it to last

And that means researching not only the best material to use but also using the right tools for the job. You’ll need a tape measure as well as a spirit level of other basic gardening tools to cut into the grass or to create the base platforms wherever you decide to place it.

DON’T overestimate what you can do

Creating a base for your garden building is hard work. It takes time and can also be reliant on the weather – the last thing you want is to spend days on end in the pouring rain.



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