Garden Features that Really Add Value to a Property

A well-maintained garden can add as much as £2,000 to a property. We take a look at what garden features property experts believe add real value to a property…

#1 The not-so-humble garden shed

You can forget the modern trend for spas and swimming pools because 82% of property experts believe that a decent sized shed is top of the list for promoting value.

It’s easy to see why. Like the inside of your home, storage is essential in the garden too. You have the lawnmower, strimmer and other garden tools to lock away safely, as well as the kids’ toys and somewhere to store garden furniture over the winter months.

What isn’t defined is what ‘decent-sized’ actually means. That said, we believe it means a garden shed that is big enough to offer the garden storage you need without taking over the whole garden.

#2 Good quality paving and patio

Coming in second on the list is paths and patios. Hard landscaping is usually the most expensive addition or alterations to a garden and so its no surprise that potential buyers look to paths and patios for not only quality but usability.

And it rates highly too, with 76% of experts believe hard landscaping features such as paths and patios need to be in good order.

#3 Secure fencing or walls, and gates

Whether it is keeping their prized pooch safe in the garden or the kids, when there is perimeter fencing and gates at a property, they need to be in good working order. Again, this is all down to budget and the fact that hard landscaping costs money, and potentially lots of it.

72% of property experts rate secure fencing and gates as being important when it comes to saleability.

#4 Outdoor lighting

It is only recent years that outdoor garden lighting has become a staple of garden design but with more of us looking to the garden as an extension of the home, it has become more important.

But we’re not talking pretty solar lights at the edge of pathways but professionally installed lights that come on at the flick of a button. 66% of property experts suggest that garden lighting is now a must in a garden.

#5 Well-constructed and safe decking

The garden, like interior design, is subject fashions and trends. You may recall that some years ago, adding decking to the garden was popular. It could be built almost anywhere and also allowed for certain spaces in the garden to be usable.

Unless this was well-constructed and made from study planking, it can detract from your garden. 62% of property experts say that well-constructed and maintained decking is a plus point when it comes to selling a property.

What doesn’t work as well in the garden?

However, there were a few items at the bottom of the list that aren’t as popular with potential buyers;

  • Water features – only 58% of property experts rated these highly. Ponds and water features have their place but are best avoided at family properties.
  • Garden furniture – you may not be leaving your garden furniture as part of the sale but around half of property experts suggest that if you are, it needs to be of the highest quality.
  • Artificial grass – only 4 in 10 garden designers and property professionals rates artificial grass as a top-selling feature.

Your garden can be a huge selling point but only if buyers love it as much as you do.



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