How to Create a Stunning Garden Room Interior

Investing in a garden room is something more of us are doing. And no wonder: it allows us to enjoy the garden throughout the year. And so, as the leaves turn with the onset of autumn, how can you create a stunning garden room interior so that you can enjoy it throughout the seasons?

Interior design rules

When it comes to decorating the garden room, following simple interior design garden rooms is the ideal way of getting the stylish space you want. But what are they?

#1 Choose a focal point or have a hero in the garden room!

Every room needs a focal point which, depending on the style of your garden room, could be the garden itself. Whilst you don’t want to compete with such a beautiful view, a hero in the garden room like a piece of striking wall art or a statement sofa wouldn’t go amiss either.

#2 Mix shapes

Square photo frames, square artwork, square cushions… need we say more? The same shape in a room means they lose impact so mix up shapes throughout the garden room.

#3 Low profile furniture

Garden rooms don’t always have a huge amount of head height and so furniture can look too big and cumbersome in the space. If you enjoy relaxing in your garden room, you can still do so but opt for low profile furniture (in other words, a lower back). Stoke the wood burner and enjoy winter afternoons warm and snug.

#4 Anchor the space with a rug

A rug is an inexpensive addition to any room and for the garden room, it is essential. A rug acts as an anchor or a platform from which the rest of the décor can grow. It is also a great way of adding colour to the garden room and texture too. Having said that, don’t opt for a rug with a long pile in your garden shed as you’ll find it traps dirt easily.

#5 Leave gaps

Just like in the home, placing furniture up against the wall actually makes the room feel smaller. Thus, leaving a gap behind the back of the sofa and the armchairs in the garden room help it to feel and look bigger. It doesn’t have to be a huge gap – a few inches will do!

#6 Add a mirror

You have a beautiful view from your garden room so why not reflect it by including a mirror in the garden room? Choose a lightweight mirror and opt for a shape that adds a different shape to the room. Use one with a thinner frame so it’s less bulky.

#7 Two colours and a third as an accent

Just like a room in your home, use two colours with a third as an accent. In a garden room where there is plenty of daylight, you can opt for deep, jewelled colours, using black as a colour for framing the room. Or you can go as bright or as neutral as you would like!

With your garden room in situ, how will you decorate the interior? Why not share before and after photos with us?



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