How to Get the Best From Your Garden Pavilion

A garden pavilion is a superb investment but how do you get the most from it so that you use it across all four seasons?


The first thing to consider is where you will put the garden pavilion in your outdoor space. There are many reasons why this is important.

  • Full sun – positioning your garden pavilion so that the sun is on it from morning until night may sound perfect but it can make sitting and enjoying the space difficult. If there is no shade, it can be unbearably hot.
  • No sun – facing it north means the sun’s track will be at the back of the pavilion throughout the day, leaving you little chance of enjoying the sun. In winter, it could be too cold to enjoy.

Depending on how you want to use your garden pavilion, you’ll need to consider shade at the hottest part of the day but you’ll want a spot where you can enjoy reading your book whilst enjoying the warmth of the sun or a glass of wine as you watch the sunset.

What makes a garden pavilion different from other sheds and garden rooms?

The first is the shape. Garden pavilions are shaped along pentagon lines or similar. In other words, it has several walls, small in width, that meet to form its shapes. Likewise, a pavilion will have a domed roof that rises to its tallest point in the centre. Essentially, the garden pavilion is much more detailed in its appearance, with doors that open wide along its front to allow you to enjoy the full view and warmth of the sun.

The view from your garden pavilion

If possible, you want a pleasant view from your pavilion and that means assessing from which standpoint in your garden do you have the perfect vista.

Of course, this doesn’t always mean the sea in the distance or towering mountains. It can mean looking at the most pleasant post in your garden as a colourful, abundant flowerbed. Or maybe you would like the pavilion in a shady, secluded spot that means you lounge with privacy… or maybe you do need to be able to see the house from where you are sitting.

The possibilities are endless, especially when you consider that your garden is probably very different from everyone else’s. Solve the problem by placing a chair or bench in different areas of your garden, sitting and looking at what you can really see and decide on the best spot before building begins.

Using it to solve a problem – privacy

It’s not unusual to find that many of our customers use a garden building such as a pavilion to solve a common problem – lack of privacy.

Living next to a busy road, you may sometimes wonder if there is anything to be done to afford more privacy in the garden other a garden fence. It is possible that the back of your garden pavilion could provide the shield that your garden needs. Better still, as part of the solution, you get a beautiful space to sit, relax, read and just enjoy downtime in your garden.

We help people to make more of their garden with a range of garden rooms, sheds and beautiful garden pavilions. Contact us to find out more.



Had garden room built by Patrick & The Team.

Build quality is great, materials are high quality and team were lovely.

Suzanne Reid - September 2020


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