How to Make Your Garden Office Snug for Winter

Investing in a garden office is something more and more people are doing, especially with more people choosing to work from home whether that is as a freelance worker or flexi-working. But working in the garden office over winter can be a chilly affair unless you make it a snug place to work and relax.

Stay toasty warm with a log burner

Simple yet effective, a log burner in the garden office is ideal for when you spend the day working in your garden office. Having it fitted by a professional is essential however, as you need to be confident it is safe to use. But with the amount of heat it throws out, you’ll look forward to working in your garden building over winter.

Think warm colours

Just like the interior of your home, your garden office will appreciate dashes of colour to lift it during the grey winter months. Typical warm colours will have red as a base colour and so choose a dark, rich red as well as pumpkin orange with dashes of forest green and beautiful navy. If you think these will be too dark for the walls, use them as soft furnishings such as cushions and throws.

Add pretty accessories such as decorative lights

Again, just like the interior of your home, adding layers of light in the garden office helps to give it a cosy appeal, perfect for when you need to stay motivated during the chillier winter months. Decorative lights are a great addition. If you don’t have spare electric sockets you will find many battery-operated lights that will cast a pretty twinkle and glow in the space. There are also lights that work via the USB port on your PC or laptop too that do the same thing.

Embrace the autumn and winter ‘festivals’

When Halloween comes around, why not have a carved pumpkin on the doorstep of your garden office, complete with glowing tea light? And when bonfire night is just around the corner, turning up the coloured lights is a great way to add extra detailing. And of course, when Christmas arrives, a Christmas tree with colourful baubles and twinkling lights is a must!

Dress the room from the floor up

Adding textures is important and when it comes to the garden office, a large rug is a must – and not just during winter. Opt for a rug that is slightly smaller than the floor size of the garden building so that there is a gap between the base of the wall and the edge of the rug. You can also use it to add pattern and colour to your garden office too.

Make it visually appealing on the outside too

From solar lights lighting your way to and from work to a collection of evergreen shrubs in plants outside the garden office, painting the exterior of your garden building also makes it far more appealing and a colourful focus in the garden lifting the grey of winter too.



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