Landscaping Designs Hints and Tips

Your garden is valuable. No matter its size, make more of it with these fantastic landscaping design hints and tips.

#1 Add hidden details

Open gardens are perfect in some instances but there are times when adding shade and private areas can really work too. A terraced garden allows you to explore the steeper slopes of your garden but also for adding hidden details. A garden bench in a shady spot where you can get away from the hub-bub of everyday life, for a few minutes at least, is just perfect.

#2 Add lights

The way we use our garden is changing. Many more of us are enjoying the space, even when the sun has dropped below the horizon. But that means adding lights.

Just like your home, add layers of light. Start with lighting that adds function to the garden, followed by layers of softer light to bring the garden alive. Be inspired with where you place lights too, like in this garden in which string lights are wrapped around the tree trunk and branches.

#3 Invest in a garden building

At one time, a garden shed was functional and nothing more. Today, however, we are realising just how much more we can do not only with the garden but with garden buildings. From garden pavilions to garden offices, make more of your outdoor space by adding extra room.

Affordable and spacious, a garden room really can be anything that you want it to be.

#4 Take lessons from your home’s interior

All too often, we spend time, energy and budget on creating a sumptuous interior to our homes but our gardens can be lacking. And when we do get around to landscaping the garden we rarely design it so that it mimics the interior of our home.

Your garden also needs to be designed so that it matches your home and who will live there. And so a family-friendly home needs to have a family-friendly garden, for example, or for a property which is smaller, you may want to consider low maintenance.

But, when it comes to personalisation, you want your garden to reflect your character so if you have a bright interior, opt for a garden layout and design that matches this. If you enjoy a minimal style, choose this for the garden too.

#5 Create a focal point

You can pack in as much colour as you want into a garden but if there is no focal point – a place to which the eye naturally falls – then it will look flat and one dimensional.

A focal point in the garden can be any number of things:

  • Pergola and patio – a seating area is perfect in any garden and the ideal way to enjoy your outdoor space. Add height and shade to a patio with a pergola complete with two or three climbing plants. This is also a great way of adding a pretty focal point too.
  • Make your garden studio the focal point – a garden building, especially a pavilion or garden studio, is ideal for being an attractive detail in the garden.

What could you do with a garden building in your outdoor space?



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Build quality is great, materials are high quality and team were lovely.

Suzanne Reid - September 2020


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