Tips for Enjoying your Garden Cabin in Autumn

Late summer is a wonderful time but when you start to feel the chill of autumn in the air, you can be forgiven for locking up the garden room for the next few months. But you can enjoy the garden cottage over autumn and in winter too. We show you how!

Think of all four seasons when you build your garden cabin

If you are in the process of building your garden cabin, thinking about how you will use it through all four seasons will see you make some choices that make using it in the chill of autumn more likely.

For example, insulating the wall, floor and ceiling will help to keep the heat of the summer out and the cold of winter out too. There are many different insulation solutions that will work in your garden cabin.

Glazing is also an important consideration and so if you plan on using it all year round, opting for glazing or even double glazing will certainly make it usable during the chill of autumn and winter.

Think through heating options and solutions

If you want to use the garden cabin in autumn and into winter, you will need some kind of heat source. There are many options from electric heaters to gas heaters and wood-burning stoves. But you will need to think about power source and so if you don’t have electricity into your garden cabin, you’ll need to consider gas heaters, a cheaper option to wood burning stove.

Consider adding lighting

With daylight becoming less, you might want to consider adding lighting to your garden cabin meaning that when the darker evenings of close in, you can still enjoy the space. As well as electric mains, you may want to consider adding solar lighting too.

Consider window dressings

Adding curtains or blinds to windows can also help to keep heat in as well as making the garden cabin cosy for use in autumn and winter.

Adding soft furnishings such as cushions and throws

Depending on how you use your garden cabin, you may want to consider adding soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. As well as adding colour, they add texture too and it is this that makes the room feel cosy and warm. Just imagine enjoying an afternoon reading in your garden cabin, listening to the rain on the roof, wrapped in a cosy blanket?

Use it regularly

If you do plan on using your garden cabin across all four seasons, it is important that you can make use of it in autumn and winter. This way, you can heat to regularly which helps the interior of the cabin stay dry and mould/mildew-free.

Don’t forget the outside

And finally, don’t forget to protect the outside of your garden cabin with a layer of wood stain, varnish or paint. This way, it will withstand everything that the autumn weather can throw at it.



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