Will a Garden Office Add Value to My Property?

You’ll be considering adding a garden office for reasons other than just value but if you are a homeowner, you may be wondering if adding this kind of garden building will reap financial rewards in the longer term.

Seeing your garden office as an ‘extension’ of your home

What many people don’t realise is that a garden office or another kind of garden building will increase the floor space of your property. Essentially you are adding valuable extra room to your home, something that won’t go unnoticed by buyers.

It is a versatile space

You may choose to use your garden building as an office but it can be something other than that. For example, it could be a relaxing outdoor space or it can be a gym, library or outdoor playroom. The versatility of garden buildings won’t go unnoticed either.

Gives a hint of luxury

For many vendors, when it comes to selling their property they want to stand out from other properties in the same price bracket. And this means that you want to offer buyers something more.

There is something decadent about a quality garden office. As well as adding extra space and value to your property, a well-constructed garden building can also add saleability. In other words, people will be getting something more when they buy your property over another.

Can prove attractive to a range of buyers

Attracting buyers through the door for viewings is essential when it comes to getting offers on a property. And the more diverse the buyer, the more likely you are to get the offers you want when it comes to selling.

A business owner, for example, may find the property more attractive because they have a ready-made office away from the main house, perfect for business activities and so on.

Improves the overall appeal of your garden

Even the smallest of garden offices and studios can look appealing and impressive. There is a range of different garden building to choose from, including cabins and sheds. There is also a growing range of designs too, from the modern-looking sloping pent roof to the more orange pitched roof.

A garden studio can be just as tantalising to buyers as it is thinking about what they would do to make the interior of the property their own.

They add the ‘wow’ factor

Attracting buyers through the door is one thing but you need a little bit of the wow factor. What appeals to some buyers won’t appeal to others, and so whilst some will swoon over a garden building others won’t find it that attractive or appealing.

That said, there is a wow factor to a garden studio and yet, there is a downside…


  • … the garden building is of poor quality
  • … is not maintained well
  • … is far too big for the garden and drowns the space

… it will detract from the value of your property! If the garden shed is old and falling down, it is better to replace with another. But if your garden studio is well-maintained, it could be the detail that clinches the sale.



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